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What is it like to be a member of the Essex County beekeeping association? You’ll never really know the truth until you become a full pledged member. When you ask those who have been members of the organization for years, all that they will tell you is that they keep renewing their membership for very good reasons. I, for one, will tell you that the members comes not just exclusivity, but friendship in a while new level. Continue reading

The Essex County Beekeeping organization is a non-profit organization. Its main goal is to keep beekeepers organized. When they were just starting out, all they wanted was to gather all the beekeepers in the area to share their experiences in beekeeping. As the community grew big, the organization started to put together events wherein beekeepers can showcase their most effective techniques in handling bees and growing them in number. Continue reading

Are you thinking of learning all the safety techniques of keeping bees? If you live in Essex County and you are interested in bees, you’d probably be one of the lucky participants of the Essex County Beekeepers Association’s basic beekeeping course. This nine week course aims to provide useful information all the basic requirements involving beekeeping. From the picking of the queen bee to buying all the beekeeping tools that you need, you will learn all of it from this basic beekeeping course. Continue reading